Inhale 2017 and exhale 2016💋

Inhale 2017 and exhale 2016.

This year has been a very tough year for almost everyone. We encountered different trials and struggles. But there are things that we should be thankful for. 

We should be thankful for our family who is always there 24/7 and who sees the ups and downs that we encounter in our lives. Remember, there’s no happier family than those who had kissed and made up, after talking their problems out.

We should thank our friends for showing us the negative sides that we have and by bringing out the best of us in the positive things they tell us. There may be friends that dragged us down and stabbed our backs but we should always remember the ones who stayed and never left. 

Lastly, to God for showering us with blessings! For guidng us 24/7. All the things that happened are things that we should be thankful for. They made us strong and made us realized that there’s more to life. We offer ourselves to God and pray that next year would be a different year. 

We should say goodbye to the tough times of 2016, the wack memories, the sleepless nights, the heartbreaks and the lessons that we placed in our hearts. Stop saying “new year new me” and say 2017 is a going to be my year instead. Believe in yourself that you can do more this 2017.

What happened in 2016, stays in 2016. It’s time to let go of every pain and every disappointment you walked into in 2016.

So cheer up! I know you can do it! And Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎊


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