Sophie Red 

Located in Bobontugan, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental is the SophieRed Hotel and Resort. Although the Hotel is still in the construction process the pool, restaurant and waterpark is already available for public use. 

The hotel and resort features a swimming pool, and a floating restaurant which can only be reached via passing through a long walkway. The surrounding sea water is crystal clear that interested visitors could see the underwater fishes. 

Sophie Red Hotel (under construction)
A blue water and waterpark

They also serve good and affordable foods. Well, I love their leche flan and cakes! 😉

Sophie Red Floating Restaurant

From Sophia Express Docking Area which is at the Floating Restaurant, it will only take 22 minutes to Agutayan White Island (another tourist spot in Jasaan).

Sophie Red may still be in the construction process but I’m sure you would enjoy being here. This would be a SOPHIEmazing place in the future. 

well, here are some of my blogger poses. 


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