SG: My Tenue

Staying in Singapore for three weeks is (well) not a little bit easy. Knowing that there are four different official languages, it’s no surprise that the people of Singapore are a complicated bunch.

Questions like what to eat?, where to go? and lastly what to wear? Yes! Since I love dressing up myself, the last question is basically the question that I always asked like every morning or at the night. And I tell you Singaporeans have that sense of fashion!

Since Singapore weather is hot and humid. I know how it feels to stay in a hot country since my country (Philippines) also has the same weather. I guess casual t-shirts and denim shorts soon become your best friends. I sugget tou wear clothes that has light colors, and try to stick to fabrics such as cotton blends, linen and silk – these are lightweight, breathable, and allow your body heat to escape.

Here are some of the outfits  that I wore at Singapore.

On Me: Black Terranova formal attire; Skinny Jeans

On Me: Denim Dress ;Black Converse Shoes

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
On Me: Blue Inner Shirt ;Gray Spaghetti ;Stripes Square pants ;White Shoes from SM Surplus shop
On Me: Blue Aztec long sleeves ;Skinny Jeans ;Black Adidas Shoes
On Me: Green Hat; ;White V-neck Shirt from Baleno ;Denim Jacket ;High Waist Jeans ;White Shoes from SM Surplus shop

To sum up and just to be honest, I had to like think of my outfits ahead of time since I did not bring with me my whole closet. So guys, I hope you got something from me and I hope you liked my Outfits or Tenue in French! Thank you!



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