What is love? 

Since it is February and it is also considered the love month then let me tell you the things I "kinda" knew about this word. According to Wikipedia, Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction … Continue reading What is love? 


Hey Beach!

Do you love the beach? Why do most people feel complete when they are at the beach? Why do I love the beach? For most cases the beach (not the b*tch) is just something that makes one emotional. Whether you love it for the hot summer sun or simply for the ocean. The smell of … Continue reading Hey Beach!

Singapura 🇸🇬

Staying in Singapore for three weeks is (well) not a little bit easy. Knowing that there are four different official languages, it's no surprise that the people of Singapore are a complicated bunch. Questions like what to eat?, where to go? and lastly what to wear? Yes! Since I love dressing up myself, the last … Continue reading Singapura 🇸🇬

Hey hey hey Singapore!

This country has always been part of my bucket list.  The Merlion has always been part of my dreams; that one day I could get to see the statue and what this beautiful country has. It was just last year when I had the chance to meet one friend from Singapore and he told me … Continue reading Hey hey hey Singapore!