Singapura 🇸🇬

Staying in Singapore for three weeks is (well) not a little bit easy. Knowing that there are four different official languages, it's no surprise that the people of Singapore are a complicated bunch. Questions like what to eat?, where to go? and lastly what to wear? Yes! Since I love dressing up myself, the last … Continue reading Singapura 🇸🇬


Hey hey hey Singapore!

This country has always been part of my bucket list.  The Merlion has always been part of my dreams; that one day I could get to see the statue and what this beautiful country has. It was just last year when I had the chance to meet one friend from Singapore and he told me … Continue reading Hey hey hey Singapore!

Sophie Red 

Located in Bobontugan, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental is the SophieRed Hotel and Resort. Although the Hotel is still in the construction process the pool, restaurant and waterpark is already available for public use.  The hotel and resort features a swimming pool, and a floating restaurant which can only be reached via passing through a long walkway. … Continue reading Sophie Red 

Cafè La Tea: A Place to Be

Caffe La Tea Cagayan de Oro is their first branch outside Luzon and they brought with them their signature Arabica + Robusta roast.They can be located on Hayes Street at the Ground Floor of Monte Carlo 11 building. Bringing the tagline “Zen and Happiness in a Cup”, as a milk tea lover for sure they'll be bringing … Continue reading Cafè La Tea: A Place to Be