Singapura 🇸🇬

Staying in Singapore for three weeks is (well) not a little bit easy. Knowing that there are four different official languages, it's no surprise that the people of Singapore are a complicated bunch. Questions like what to eat?, where to go? and lastly what to wear? Yes! Since I love dressing up myself, the last … Continue reading Singapura 🇸🇬


Pink and White

This was during our fashion show in one of our subjects. Our group choosed the "Colorful Theme".  Headgear : Red Mickey Mouse Headband Upper : Pink Spaghetti with white Polka Dots Lower : White Skirt Shoes : Adidas White Superstar Ehat do you think? Is it a Hands up or hands down for this style? 

Just another #ootd Wednesday

It is Wesnesday - which means it is Washday! Look, I had the chance to do a "blogger pose" Hahaha!  It will always look good if your background is just plain. But it looks better if you have a colorful and beautiful background like the one (down)⬇️⬇️⬇️ The parking lot seemed nice and it felt … Continue reading Just another #ootd Wednesday