feeling of floating

people would never really guess what i'm going through as I try to make my life more exciting, happy and positive online and offline all I see are people being happy, happy and happy and it makes my head want to explode how could I feel like this? why do I feel like this? there … Continue reading feeling of floating



When I hear the word V A L E N T I N E S D A Y the first thing that comes in my mind is love. We love and love and love... well, I've never been into dates (esp., romantic dates). My question is that is it necessary to have a date this … Continue reading VALENTINE’S DAY ❤️

Inhale 2017 and exhale 2016💋

Inhale 2017 and exhale 2016. This year has been a very tough year for almost everyone. We encountered different trials and struggles. But there are things that we should be thankful for.  We should be thankful for our family who is always there 24/7 and who sees the ups and downs that we encounter in … Continue reading Inhale 2017 and exhale 2016💋